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Chemistry Resources

Matter & Measurement:

Video: Measurement: The Foundation of Chemistry

Matter Companion Notes

Basic Matter and States of Matter Quiz

Physical or Chemical Change Quiz

Scientific Notation Quiz

Metric Conversion Quiz Type in any name or hit "Ok" to proceed

Percent Error Quiz

Significant Figures Quiz Drill yourself on counting sig figs in a value

Significant Figures with Calculations Quiz (this quiz includes other aspects of sig figs as well)

Density Calculations Quiz


Atomic Structure:

Organization of the Periodic Table Quiz

Video: The Atom

Ions, Isotopes & Atoms Quiz

Relative Atomic Mass Quiz

Electron Configuration Quiz

10 Electron Configuration Quizzes

Periodic Trends Quiz

Periodic Trends Quiz


Chemical Bonding:

Types of Bonds Quiz

Classifying Binary Compounds as Ionic or Covalent Quiz

Fundamental Ionic Bonding Quiz I

Fundamental Ionic Bonding Quiz II

Ionic Bonds & Formulas Quiz

Ionic vs. Covalent Bond Quiz

Covalent Bond Quiz

Polarity Electronegativity Quiz

Ionic, Polar Covalent, Nonpolar Covalent Quiz

VSEPR - Molecular Geometry Tutorial and Quiz - click the molecule to enter



Polyatomic Ions app - "Ions - Chemistry Polyatomic Ions" for the iPhone, iPad, or iTouch calculated molar mass ($0.99)

Nomenclature Quizzes - this website has a variety of problems. Scroll down the page to selec the quiz you want to take.

Ion Quiz

Naming Ionic Compounds Quiz

Ionic Compounds Quiz

Balancing game - choose your proficiency level

ChemBalancer game

Balancing Word Equations Quiz

Identifying Types of Reactions Quiz

Activity Series/Reactivity of Metals Quiz

Solubility Rules Quiz (DR reactions)



Stoichiometry Explained by Mister Guch

Molar Mass Quiz

Molar Mass Calculator

Molar Mass Calculator & Periodic Table App - "EMD PTE" for the iPhone, iPad, or iTouch calculated molar mass (Free)

Percent Composition Quiz

Empirical and Molecular Formulas Quiz

Mole Conversions Quiz

Stoichiometry Quiz (a little bit of everything...we will not solve problems like #4 until the Solutions unit)

Limiting Reactant Quiz

Percent Yield Quiz


Behavior of Gases:

General Gas Laws Quiz

Boyle's, Charles', Gay-Lussac's Laws Quiz

Kinetic Molecular Theory Quiz (this one focuses more on Graham's law)


Solutions, Acids & Bases:

Molarity Quiz

General Solutions Quiz

Solubility Curve Quiz

General Acid/Base Quiz

pH and pOH Quiz

pH, pOH, [H+], [OH-] Quiz



Thermochemistry Quiz (focuses on endo vs exothermic)

Thermochemistry Quiz (focuses more on the calculations...these are not the exact calculations we performed in class but they are pretty close)


 Polyatomic Ion Practice:

General Practice Quiz


General Help:

Chem 4 Kids Help Center

Online Chem Tutor

Teach Yourself Chemistry

The Language of Chemistry

Root Words Frequently Used in Chemistry


Periodic Table:

Printable Periodic Tables

Chemistry in its Element Podcasts - Chemistry World takes a whirlwind tour of the periodic table: each week a leading scientist or author tells the story behind a different element.

Elements Video

Interactive Periodic Table

Comic Book Periodic Table

Visual Periodic Table

Chemical Elements


Atomic Radiation

Take this survey to determine your level of exposure to radiation


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