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Chemistry Videos

Unit: Matter & Measurement

Video & Link Worksheet 
Classification of Matter Matter Notes Flipped 13-14.doc  (1st page)
Physical & Chemical Properties & Changes of Matter Matter Notes Flipped 13-14.doc  (2nd page) 
Scientific Notation Scientific Notation Cornell Notes Flipped.doc   
Metric Conversions Metric Conversions Flipped.docx  
Measuring with Sig Figs  Measuring with sig figs flipped.docx  
Density Gradients & Slope Density columns and density graphs flipped.docx  


Unit: Atomic Structure

Video & Link Worksheet 
Organization of the Periodic Table Organization of the PT Flipped.docx
History of the Atom History of the atom Flipped.docx  
Isotopes Isotopes Flipped.docx
Average Atomic Mass Average Atomic Mass Flipped Worksheet.pptx  
Electron Configurations Electron Configuration Flipped.docx  


Unit: Chemical Bonding

Video & Link  Worksheet 
Bonding Basics  Bonding Basics Flipped.doc  
Ionic Bonds  Lewis dots and ionic bonds flipped.pptx  
Covalent Bonds  Covalent Bonds Flipped.pptx  
Intermolecular Forces  Intermolecular Forces Flipped.docx  


Unit: Nomenclature & Chemical Reactions

Video & Link  Worksheet 
Balancing Equations  Balancing equation notes.docx 
Types of Reactions  Types of Reactions.doc  
Predicting Products  Predicting Products.doc  
Solubility Rules & Double Replacement  Double Replacement A Closer Look.doc  


Unit: Stoichiometry

Video & Link  Worksheet 
Molar Mass  Calculating Molar Mass Video Notes.docx  
Percent Composition  Determining Percentage Composition Video Worksheet.docx  
Empirical Formula  Determining Empirical Formulas Video Notes.docx  
1 & 2 Step Conversions  1 and 2 Step Mole Conversions Video Worksheet.doc  
Mole-Mole Conversions Mole to Mole Conversions Video Worksheet.doc  
3 Step Conversions 3 Step Mole Conversions Video Worksheet.doc  
Limiting Reagents Limiting Reagents Video Worksheet.doc  
Percent Yield Percent Yield Video Worksheet.doc  


Unit: Behavior of Gases

Video & Link  Worksheet 
Boyle's Law  Boyles Law Notes Flipped.doc  
Gay-Lussac's Law  Gay Lussac Cornell Notes Flipped.doc  
Charles' Law  Charles Law Notes Flipped.doc  
Combined & Ideal Gas Laws  combined and ideal gas notes flipped.doc  


Unit: Solutions, Acids & Bases

Video & Link  Worksheet 
Solutions  Solution Notes Flipped.doc  
Concentration  Concentration Flipped notes.docx  
pH & pOH  pH and pOH Flipped notes.docx  
Neutralization  Neutralization Flipped.doc  


Flipped Classroom Information: Letter & PowerPoint




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