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2013-2014 Chemistry Assignments Part I

Unit: Matter & Measurement - Study Guide

Date  Topic  Daily Document(s) 
M 8/26  Float Your Boat - Opening STEM Challenge  None 
T 8/27  The Value of Chemistry 


Good as Gold12.doc  

W 8/28  The Flipped Classroom Overview & Chemistry Pre-Test  Matter Notes Flipped 13-14.doc  
R 8/29  Safety in the Laboratory 

Laboratory Safety Quiz.doc  

lab safety cartoon.doc

F 8/30  What is Science? What is Chemistry? Why Should You Take Chemistry? 

who are scientists.pptx  

Laboratory Equipment.pdf

Logical Thinking Puzzle.doc

T 9/3  Nuts & Bolts of Matter  Nuts and Bolts of Matter11.doc  
W 9/4  Classifying Matter* 

Matter Practice 13.doc


F 9/6 Physical & Chemical Properties, Physical & Chemical Changes of Matter* 

Physical vs Chemical.pptx  

Back of Matter Practice from 9/4

M 9/9 Experimental Observation Lab (Indicators of a Chemical Change) - Planning & Execution 

Finish Matter Practice from 9/4

Experimental Observations Lab Student.do 

Scientific Notation Cornell Notes Flipped.doc

T 9/10 Experimental Observation Lab (Indicators of a Chemical Change) - Conclusion Experimental Observations from 9/9 
W 9/11 Separation Methods & Matter Quiz

Separation Methods.doc  

General Mills Iron in cereal letter.pdf

R 9/12 Separation of a Mixture Lab - Planning  

Continuation of 9/11 due to early dismissal

CARBOSE separation student.doc  

Metric Conversions Flipped.docx

F 9/13 Separation of a Mixture Lab - Execution & Analysis 

Separation of a Mixture Review.docx

Separation of a Mixture BCR.doc  

M 9/16 Distillation of CuSO4 

Copper Sulfate Distillation Student11.doc

**Continued on with Separation of a Mixture Review 

T 9/17

Scientific Notation* 

(Bonus/Optional - Size of an Oleic Acid Molecule Lab)

Scientific Notation.pdf

Scientific Notation Practice Word Problems.doc

Size of Oleic Acid Molecule Student.doc  - Bonus Optional Lab for 9/17 & 9/18 

W 9/18 Metric Conversions* 

Metric Mania11.doc

Metric Conversion Homework.doc (puzzle)

R 9/19 Accuracy vs. Precision

Accuracy vs Precision.pptx

Percent Error.pdf

Percent Error Practice11.doc 

F 9/20

Counting Significant Figures Inquiry

Sig Figs with Clickers.pptx  

Significant Figures Guided Inquiry with Clickers.docx  (Notes sheet)

Significant Figures.pdf

Rounding in Chemistry.docx

M 9/23 Calculating with Significant Figures Inquiry 

Significant Figures Race.doc

Finished PowerPoint from 9/20

Finished back of Sig Figs notes from 9/20

Calculations with Significant Figures.pdf

Calculations with Significant Figures.doc

T 9/24 Measurement Mania Lab - Measuring with Significant Figures* 

Density columns and density graphs flipped.docx  Measuring in the Lab.docx

Measurement Mania.doc

W 9/25 Measurement Quiz & Start Thickness of Aluminum Foil Lab  Thickness of Aluminum Foil Lab Student Honors.doc  
R 9/26 Thickness of Aluminum Foil Lab 
Same as 9/25 
F 9/27 Density Demos & Challenges
M 9/30 Density of Pennies Lab 

Density of Pennies Lab.doc 

Density of Penny Lab Spreadsheet.xls  

T 10/1 Density Gradients & Slope*, Unit Mind Mapping
Density Graph 13.doc  
W 10/2 Review Packet

Matter and Measurement Review.doc 

Matter and Measurement Review Answers.pdf  

R 10/3 Jeopardy Review Game Matter Measurement Jeopardy.ppt  (Be sure to SAVE this file to view the answers in the notes portion of the slide. You will not be able to see the answers if you just "open" the file or if you are in presentation mode).
F 10/4 Matter & Measurement Unit Assessment   


Unit: Atomic Structure - Study Guide 

Date  Topic Daily Document(s)
M 10/7  Organization of the Periodic Table* - Review & Puzzles

Basic Classwork - Organization of the Periodic Table Review.docx

Advanced Classwork - Periodic Table Inquiry Lab.doc  

T 10/8  History of the Atom* - Review, Puzzle, Demonstrations & Animations

Basic Classwork - Atomic Structure Review 13.doc

Atomic Structure Prezi

Rutherford PhET Simulation

Advanced Classwork - Work on Periodic Table Inquiry Lab from 10/7 

W 10/9  Build an Atom

Radium Prezi 

Build an Atom PhET Simulation

Build an Atom.doc

Who Am I.docx

R 10/10  Isotopes* - Practice (Option: Atomic Radiation & Half-Life)

Basic Classwork - Isotope Practice.docx

Who Am I.pdf  

Which Atom is Which?

Isotope Practice Answer Key.docx

Advanced Classwork - Red Licorice Decay.docx

F 10/11  Isotopes - Practice (Option: Atomic Radiation & Half-Life)

Basic Classwork - Same as 10/10

Advanced Classwork -  Atomic Radiation Research.doc

M 10/14  Average Atomic Mass* - Practice (Option: Atomic Radiation & Half-Life)

Average Atomic Mass Practice.doc

Average Atomic Mass Practice Answers.pdf  

T 10/15  Candium Lab  Candium Lab Honors.doc  
W 10/16 PSAT Day   
R 10/17 Atomic Structure Quiz & Electron Distribution of Peas Lab

Electron Distribution Using Peas Student.doc

Electron Configuration Flipped.docx  

M 10/21  Electron Configurations Inquiry  Electron Configurations POGIL 
T 10/22 Electron Configurations Practice*

Electron Configuration Practice.doc

Heisenbergs Apartment Building.do 

W 10/23 Patterns in Electron Configurations, Electron Configurations Practice & Heisenburg's Apartment Patterns in e- configurations 
R 10/24  Valence Electrons & Stability

Valence Electrons.docx

Stability and Electron Configuration.doc  

F 10/25 Electron Configuration Quiz & Electron Configurations Battleship  
M 10/28 Flame Test Lab 

Flame Test Lab.doc  

***Pre-lab must be done in order to participate in this lab

***You must wear closed-toe shoes in order to participate in this lab

T 10/29 Flame Test Lab Conclusion Same as 10/28
W 10/30 Periodic Trends Straw Lab

Periodic Trends Lab12.doc  

Periodic Trends Pre-Lab Answers13.ppt

R 10/31 Periodic Trends Straw Lab Same as 10/30 
M 11/4 Periodic Trends Straw Lab Review 

Periodic Trends with clickers.ppt

Periodic Trends Review11.doc

Periodic Trends Review11 - ANSWERS.pdf  

T 11/5 Periodic Trends Lab Quiz & Begin Atomic Structure Review Packet Atomic Structure Unit Review.doc  
W 11/6 Atomic Structure Review Packet

same as 11/5

Atomic Structure Unit Review Answer Key.pdf  

R 11/7 Atomic Structure Jeopardy
 Atomic Structure Jeopardy.ppt 

F 11/8 Atomic Structure Exam  


Unit: Chemical Bonding - Study Guide



Daily Document(s)

M 11/11

Come Together WebQuest

Come Together11.doc

T 11/12

Bond Types Lab

Bond Types Lab.doc

W 11/13

Bonding Basics Review & Ionic Bonding Challenge

Ionic Bond Challenge.doc

R 11/14

Ionic Bonding Review

Lewis dot diagrams.doc

F 11/15

Bonding Showcase

Bonding Showcase.docx

M 11/18

Thanksgiving Chemistry & Periodic Table Puzzles

Thanksgiving Chemistry.doc

T 11/19

Covalent Bonds Model Kits on Computers

Molecular Model Kits2013.xls

W 11/20

Covalent Bonds Model Kits on Computers

Same as 11/19

R 11/21

Covalent Bond Practice

Covalent Bonding Practice11.doc

Covalent Bonds Review11.doc

F 11/22

The Bear Essentials of Polarity

The Bare Essentials of Polarity.ppt

The Bare Essentials of Polarity.doc

M 11/25

Polarity Review & Like-Dissolves-Like Demos

The Great Peanut Race 2013.doc.pptx

T 11/26

Intermolecular Forces Lab

Effects of intermolecular forces lab.docx

W 11/27

Polymer Lab  

Polymer Lab11.doc

M 12/2


VSEPR Lab.doc

T 12/3

VSEPR Review & Covalent Wrap-Up

Covalent Wrap Up.doc

W 12/4

Chemical Bonding Review Packet

Chemical Bonding Review Answer Key.pdf

R 12/5


Chemical Bonding Jeopardy.ppt

F 12/6

Chemical Bonding Benchmark



Unit: Nomenclature & Reactions - Study Guide

W 12/11

Writing Formulas: Introduce polyatomic ions & criss-cross method, reverse criss-cross

Criss Cross Method.doc

Reverse Criss Cross.doc  

R 12/12

Naming Ionic Compounds Inquiry

Inquiry Naming Ionic Compounds-S.pdf

F 12/13

Naming Ionic Compounds Practice

Naming Flowchart Notes.doc

Naming Packet.rtf 




M 12/16

Naming Ionic Compounds Practice

Formula Writing.doc



T 12/17

Naming Molecular Compounds Inquiry

Inquiry Naming Molecular Compounds-S.pdf

W 12/18

Mixed Nomenclature Review

Naming.doc (Molecular)

Oxides in Glass.doc

Nomenclature Review.doc

Naming Answer Key

Oxides in Glass Answer Key

Naming Homework Answer Key

Nomenclature Review 1 Answer Key

Nomenclature Review 2 Answer Key

R 12/19


Mixed Nomenclature Review

Same as 12/18

F 12/20

Mixed Nomenclature Review & Nomenclature Quiz


R 1/2

Intro to Balancing Chemical Equations: Chem Balancer


Balancing equation notes.pdf

M 1/6

Balancing Equations Practice

Balancing Equations ANSWERs

Exercises A-C

Exercise D

Exercises E-F

Exercise G

T 1/7

Balancing Equations Practice – Snowman Challenge


W 1/8

Word Equations & Elephant’s Toothpaste Demo

Word Equations.doc

Word Equation Answers.pdf

Pre-lab: HydrogenandOxygenGeneratingLab.docx

R 1/9

Word Equations & Mg Ribbon Demo


F 1/10

Nomenclature 1st Half Review & Word Equations Quiz


M 1/13

Hydrogen & Oxygen Generating, Collecting, and Testing Lab


T 1/14

Types of Reactions Inquiry

Types of Reactions Inquiry13.docx

W 1/15

Types of Reactions Inquiry


R 1/16

Identifying Reaction Types Practice

Reactions Homework and Word Equations Practice Answers.pdf

F 1/17

Practice Predicting Products

Practice Predicting Products ANSWERS.doc

Predicting Products ANSWERS.pdf

R 1/23

Practice Predicting Products

Continue from 1/17

F 1/24 Practice Predicting Products Continue from 1/17

M 1/27

Activity Series Online Inquiry

Activity Series.doc

T 1/28

Activity Series Practice & Nomenclature Quiz

Determining Reactivity.docx

W 1/29

Activity Series Lab

Reactivity of Metals Lab.doc

R 1/30

Double Replacement – A Closer Look

Double Replacement A Closer Look(1).doc

F 1/31

Precipitation in a Double Replacement Reaction Lab

Double Replacement Lab.doc

M 2/3 Nomenclature & Reactions Review Packet

Nomenclature Review Packet.doc

Nomenclature Review Packet Answer Key.doc

T 2/4 Esters Research

Nomenclature Honors Review.doc

Nomenclature Honors Review Answer Key.doc  

R 2/6

Esters Lab

Esters of Carboxylic Acid Lab.doc

F 2/7

Nomenclature & Reactions Jeopardy

Nomenclature and Reactions Jeopardy.ppt

M 2/10 Nomenclature & Reactions Benchmark  


Next Assignments


* = Flipped Classroom Video is due Chemistry Videos


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